Custom Rooms (Up to 300)

Our newly designed and developed space offers the ability to create a room that will be perfect for you and your attendees. Our custom room can seat up to 300 people. This space is great for a company wide meeting, sales training or even an evening business reception.

combination rooms Combination of Birch/Maple/Willow Combined: 2,451 sq. ft.
Theater: 132, Classroom: 100,
Rounds: 108, U-shape: 46, Square: 60
Full Room Amenities
Custom Size room (combination of Oak, Birch, Maple & Willow) Combination of
Oak/Birch/Maple & Willow
Combined: 4355 sq. ft
Theater: 257, Classroom: 182,
Rounds:186, U-shape: 76, Square: 96
Full Room Amenities

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